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Importance of Saying Goodbye



The latest trend in funeral services has been the decline of the formal service. Some call it a Celebration of Life, some call it a memorial service, but what you name it is not as important as why you have a service.


The time you take to recognize the life of your departed loved one and the influence they have had in our world, can serve as very special memories for you and your family.  A funeral service is a time to mark, not only the end of a life, but also the beginning of your grief.

A personal note from Bridget on love and loss:


My mother died from Breast Cancer in 2002. She was the anchor in our family.   When we lost her, our family set sail on a path of grief and loss.  Her death impacted us in so many profound ways and changed how we spend our time together, how we interact with each other and how we honour her memory.

My stepdaughter died in 2015 at the age of 23 from Synovial Sarcoma – a rare form of cancer. We will always wonder who she'd be today had she not been so unfairly taken from us. What made a significant difference for all of us was her Living Funeral.  Since we knew her time with us on this planet was coming to a close, we were able to gather together, with her, and celebrate her life and love.

A few years ago, we received a deceased person into our care at the funeral home where I was working. The person was going to be cremated without a service. Something tugged at my heart making me wonder about what kind of life the person had lived. From that incident on, I began encouraging those that I spoke with that every life lived is a value to our town, community, city, country and world. I believe strongly in telling the story of your loved one, not just as closure and a way to recognize all that is good and commendable in people, but also as the beginning of dealing with our grief.

When my mother died we had a large funeral service and burial for her.  It was difficult, but comforting. Grief is very difficult to overcome and each of us goes through the process in our own way and at our own pace.  But Grief refuses to be ignored. I strongly encourage you to honour your loved one by creating a service that meets the needs of your family and recognizes the life of significance your loved one led.

I’m trained to organize and lead funeral services that can define your loved one's life with secular or religious attributes and I’d be honoured to guide you through this process and discuss service options that feel right for you and your family.  I invite you  to contact me for your private and compassionate consultation.

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